Friday, July 10, 2015

Building Your Own AVR / Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) Development Board Part 4

This is part 4 in a 5 part series where we build our own AVR / Arduino Internet of Things (IoT) development board, yay! In this part we will do the PCB layout and discuss how to get our PCB manufactured.

Download Eagle Files

Eagle Parts and Libraries
Libraries Used:
•Atmega 328P --> Library: SparkFun-DigitalIC Device: ATMEGA328P_PDIP
•LM317 --> Library: linear>*317 Device:317T
•Resonator ZTT16.0MHz --> Library: Adafruit Device: CERMOSCILL-THM (CERMOSCILL)
•Ceramic Cap --> Library: rcl > C-EU Device: C-EU050-030X075
•Electrolytic cap --> Library: rcl > CPOL-EU Device: CPOL-EUE2.5-6
•Resistor --> Library: resistor Device: R-EU_0207/10 (R-EU_) Package: 0207/10
•Reset switch --> Library: switch-omron Device: 10-XX
•LED --> Library: led Device: LED5MM (LED)
•Potentiometer --> Library: rcl > R-TRIMM Device: R-TRIMMT93YA
Note: Sparkfun and Adafruit libraries did not come with Eagle, but you can find them on their websites

Parts I made (included in files linked to my blog):
•ForceTronic.lbr --> All header and pin holes and 2.1mm DC Jack
•BLE_Micro_Module.lbr --> BLE Micro